A beautiful trio-Cotton/linen/silk blazer


This Jacket fabric from Vitale Barberis Canonico is a perfect marriage of cotton, silk and linen. 

Coats in this vein are perfect for giving you that confidence to close the deal. A tan color base complemented by a chalk white and mid blue check on top. 

Style this with Dress pants (Coffee, khaki, white, Grey both light and dark, and navy) 

style this with Denim, all washes and distresses can be worn, stay away from denim with symbols on them, and holes can be worn. 

Finish a painted leather dress shoes, or a canvas based shoe. 

When tailoring this fabric it is advisable to cut tighter at first as cotton blend will stretch



Standard fitting coat.

Cut with standard armholes

Mother of Pear buttons 

natural shoulders.